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True Blood Season 4 News!

Well I sure can’t get enough of True Blood! 😀

It is my favorite show in the entire world 😛 The soundtrack, the title score, the totally gorgeous male characters 😛

There is something about True Blood that is just unlike any other television shows. It has some sort of character of its own you know – not only that the theme is simply fabulous but somehow it is everything from the actors to the themes which just fits together like a salsa routine in a J-Lo movie.

So well, of course True Blood is coming back for a forth season – the filming is already being done and there are all sorts of strange news. One of those news being that Godric is coming back in season 4!!!! Isn’t that great? More than Godric himself I’m actually more smitten by the thought of how Eric would react to this. Although I am still wondering what kind of gooey BS they will muster to get Godric back in the show 😛 hehe. As much as I love Godric, he did die the TRUE DEATH and we all saw it and now that he is coming back, I don’t know whether to go sarcastic or take out the vodka.

Either way, Alan Ball has already announced that the new season will be “The Season of the Witch” and the teaser is already out

Although there is a lot of talk about who the witch will be, I think it might have something to do with the Wiccan waitress Holly who gave Arlene that ‘treatment’. Some people were talking about Janina Gavankar (The Gates) having something to do with the witch character but recently sources have revealed that Gavankar is playing a shape shifter in the forth season. Another character that might be doing more comebacks will be the character of Nan Flanagan, Spokesperson for the American Vampire League.

I can’t wait enough for June!! 😀 *fingers crossed*

Skins (US) Episode: Abbud

Well I have to say, the Abbud episode was the least bit touching. Somehow they never really show any background on the guy, like they have for other characters and it ended up being just another story rather than something related to the fellow. The whole camping trip episode was alright – but a little irritating somehow. The most shocking part perhaps being that Chris gets to make out with that teacher which is just not something you normally expect – I mean she is committing child molestation of some sort I think! 😛 But you can’t help but feel for the kid – and although I wouldn’t want my younger siblings or future children to have a teacher like that – I can still relate because the way they have handled the entire situation is just perfect.

The frog licking scene was perhaps the most disgusting part on Skins so far. And although it made me laugh and retch at the same time – it elaborated so perfectly what lengths adolescents would go to for a high. The teacher guy I could not help but get irritated by and I suppose that was the intent of the creators but for me sometimes characters like these make me want to fast forward the entire thing and come back when its all over. I am still in love with Skins, even thought this episode wasn’t that great on the whole. And i did feel a little sad for Abbud when he sees Tea and Tony make out but it would have been better if there was a little more to it. Like if they gave some kind of family history like they did in every other character’s episode. Ron Mustafa is really cute though!

What do you think?

Skins (US) Episode 4 Cadie

I have had a wonderful time watching the US version of Skins. I don’t think I found the British version any good – its a little too crude for my taste. But the US version is a lot more addictive and interesting – there is not a single boring moment in sight. The series is very very fresh and it brings to light what a typical teenager has to go through these days. Drug abuse is becoming a part of their lives and how they are already messing themselves up before they have even stepped into adulthood.

My favorite episode was the Chris one – which, considering that I kind of thought Chris was irritating – something to do with his rude style and that ridiculous haircut – has a lot to say about how touching the script was. The subtle hint at their age being so close to childhood – with the milk mustache scene – it was unbelievable. We have all been there at some point – some of us made it out less crazier than others – and some did not make it to the finish line sanely – and I am sure so many people can relate to most of the characters.

Either way the Cadie episode began with some background on Cadie’s household – the uncaring and shallow mother and the strange taxidermist father – no wonder Cadie is so messed up! But the worst of it is when her so-called date takes an unfortunate turn. We also see the different psychotherapists and psychologists that Cadie is going to and what they all think like. Her mother’s indifference is just cruel and you feel for the girl when she is at home, all washed out from the after effects of the party and the drugs and her mother’s seems focused on her own things.

Adolescence can be difficult – and that is what Skins is all about. It shows you hope by first showing the cause of despair. I am going to wait for next week and find out what kind of a character Abbud has!

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Californication Season 4

The forth episode aired yesterday and I haven’t felt sorrier for Hank Moody. It’s like trouble has a way of finding him. Personally I think the way Karen sometimes hates him is a little unnatural – he has been framed in the sex-with-a-minor case and they were on a break up when he did that so it doesn’t really make sense why she would hate him for something like that. Even when she goes all worried over his so-called suicide and then acts all holier-than-thou when she should have been supporting him anyway because the hurt was not a lie even if the suicide was – I think its just wrong to hate someone you love so strongly for a ‘lie’ like that.

But on the other hand, Hank seems to have no qualms about fooling around with other women either – and I have to admit I love the sauciness that surrounds him! Californication 4 is fresh and hilarious – from nail biting Hank and Karen moments to heart breaking scenes with Becca – it’s all there. There is also a whole lot more craziness from Runkle and Ex-Mrs. Runkle who has found herself pregnant. Becca is older and seems to have become a little more angrier at Hank – Mia seems to have grown up too. And the new actress and lawyer female characters, although they seem like quite a replacement of last season’s principle’s wife and the hot looking sub teacher, are still quite entertaining.

I have a feeling what is going to transpire out of the gossip-girl reminiscent ‘viral sex photo’ scenario, but still it would be nice to see Hank get deeper into trouble and perhaps back for another season 😀 That said, I don’t understand the deal behind everyone giving poor Runkle so much crap – it was not like that in the past episodes but in this season it seems to me that they are trying to give a feel about how a good looking guy (Hank) gets treated by random people and how Runkle gets treated – I mean it’s just not fair. The agent has been in a lot more trouble than Hank come to think of it. I just felt for him when he is out there with his arm bitten by the dreadful monkey and no one really cares about his pain that much – not even Hank! And then with the ‘shaving incident’ — it just gave me the creeps… What is up with that?

Since this blog is new I am going to ask you people to feel free to discuss and talk about this! Let me know what other shows you want to talk about! Are there any other things that I may have missed? Till the next one… happy surfing!

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